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Why Ron Raynor Salon considers itself among the best Tampa Salons

“Ron has been my stylist for over a year now and I have really appreciated his professionalism and attention to detail. I am amazed by his knowledge of color and styling products, even to the extent that he has formulated his own hair care products. My hair is very color resistant, coupled with washing in “softened” water can cause my color to fade quickly. Because he cared enough to ask first about my hair care regimen, he is able to use the right products to allow me to enjoy long lasting color. Although this is NOT particularly beneficial to him, I find this to be TRUE customer service, looking out for the best interest of his greatest assets – HIS CLIENTS!!!! I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family, friends, business associates and/or clients.”

My name is Therese Higgins and I have been a customer of Ron Raynor Salon for over 18 years. Beside the fact that Ron is fantastic at cutting curly hair, he is an artist at coloring hair!

I HATE to get my haircut. It is a chore to me. I started going to Ron maybe 3 months ago. Ron told me that he gave me a ‘modern’ look and I rolled my eyes (he couldn’t see this!). When I got back to the office, the first lady to see me said she liked my haircut and that it looked very ‘modern’……really? What the heck?!? I had been single for almost 6 years, until about a month AFTER my first visit to Ron. Coincidence????

Ron is FANTASTIC! I can’t say enough nice things about Ron and his staff. From the moment I walked into his salon for the first time it is always an amazing experience. Ron is so knowledgeable about his industry, but he goes further to understand each client’s individual needs, cares, and concerns. My hair is so healthy and manageable and as my husband reminds me, looks like the hair of my “youth”. I recommend him highly.

Ron Raynor is fantastic. He cut, colored, and highlighted my hair. He really cares about his business and you as a customer. Ron told me lots of interesting things about hair coloring, especially the color red, that I never knew all throughout the process. His salon is comfortable and he has his own hair care line. I felt like a new woman when I left! I recommend Ron and Ron Raynor salon.