Tampa Hair Salons – Hair Damage

To Tell You Have Hair Damage

Signs to tell you have hair damage or early signs are rough texture, over-porosity, dryness, and brittleness. These are caused by blow-drying, wind, hard shampoos and any other heat styling methods. to help keep your hair from getting the problems, use conditioners that protein enriched and moisture restoring. The best plan heal the damaged hair is to use a good conditioner every week until you notice a improvement in smoothness and texture.

Avoid the itchtampa hair salons - hair damage

When you start getting a itch on your scalp, do your best not to scratch it. When you have a itchy scalp doesn’t necessarily mean hair loss but over time if you scratch it then it could damage your hair even more overtime. If you do scratch it periodically it will turn in to hair loss.

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