Hair Salons Tampa Curling & Flat Iron Tips

Hair Salons Tampa Tips

We as a hair salons Tampa company want to make sure you get the best results when using a curling or flat iron. When using curling or flat irons, start with the temperature at a low setting. If it does not work increase the temperature slowly until you find the lowest one that will work. This will avoid using higher than necessary heat which could cause damage to your hair.

Extra Hair Salon Tips

  • Heat the iron up to the minimum temperature you need for your hair.Hair Salons Tampa
    If your hair is fine and thin, stick to the low end of the dial. Only turn it up if your hair tends to be coarse or frizzy.
  • If you have thick hair, spray it on each section before you tackle it. If you just spray it on the top of all your hair, it won’t hit the bottom layers.
  • Don’t do this when you have wet hair. It will burn and mess up your hairstyle.

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